Cotton Candy Machine




  • Machine sits on top of a cart with storage for supplies underneath.
  • Requires electricity, standard outlet.
  • 1/2 gallon sugar, cones and bags available at an additional charge.

$50 with any tent or inflatable rental.


Operating Directions

  1. With main switch turned off, fill floss head 90% full with sugar, DO NOT over fill.
  2. Turn on the main power switch and heat switch.
  3. Turn heat control dial up to about ¾ to prevent sugar from burning.
  4. Machine will take a few seconds to heat up and then it will start making the floss.
  5. Slightly reduce the heat setting to prevent machine from smoking.
  6. Roll a cone in the web of floss, lift the cone up with the ring of floss attached and wrap the floss.

Warning: NEVER add more sugar to floss head with motor running, TURN OFF AND LET HEAD COME TO A COMPLETE STOP.