CO2 Beer Cooler



An Insulated Beverage cooler that comes complete with chilling coils to ensure that each beer is ice cold. This beer cooler is a great addition to any outdoor party, picnic, or other events requiring a beer cooling device. Shown here with the optional Keg Cooler (rented separately)

To use, make an ice bath for the coils of ice cubes and water. Set up your CO2 Cooler no more than 10 feet from your ice cold keg. Attach the beer line from the top of the keg coupler to the cooler coupling, and the air line from the outlet barb on the CO2 regulator to other side of the coupler. Adjust the keg regulator to 40-60 PSI based on your setup. Keep the coils cold throughout to avoid foaming (no more than 40 F). Be sure to wash out your lines and coils after each use, just as you would normally clean your beer lines.